I'm Carrie Beretta, founder of Flower of Light Designs.  Welcome to our online shop!  We have an interesting origin story that I would like to share with you.

With a career background in holistic health and personal development, I never thought I would wind up in business in the realm of visual arts. But one night I had a dream that I was in a restaurant and they had this incredible piece of art that was a set of glowing designs on a piece of clear glass, and it was framed in a nice dark wood frame. 

It was unlike any art I had seen before and was so stunning that I woke up wishing that I could create art like that. But alas, I had no idea how to even begin, so I pretty much let that idea go.

But soon thereafter, information began coming my way through synchronistic coincidence, on how to actually make this kind of art. It felt like it must be meant to be, because in all my life previously I had never come across this kind of information and now here it was in perfect timing with the dream that had inspired me.  

So I began moving forward and learning about what was involved in creating this kind of art. It's been a lengthy and also difficult process as there are a lot of tricky factors about this particular medium, but it is working out and some really lovely pieces have been born.

I hope you will come to enjoy these decorative delights as much as I do!