Laser Etched Light Piece: Circle Mandala

Laser Etched Light Piece: Circle Mandala

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Details: This light piece consists of a 30cm x 30 cm clear, laser etched panel which sits inside of a black acrylic base which contains LED lights.

This piece can be made to light up in white, or any color of the rainbow for a total of 16 different color shade options.  It can be set to show just one color, or to fade in and out of all the different colors in a changing stream.  It is powered by plugging into a wall, and is controlled by remote control.

These light pieces create a very unique, eye-catching, and mesmerizing display that instantly enhances any room and creates a magical, romantic feel.  They are especially good as the center piece on an altar to gaze on during meditation.  They bring so much to a space that you’ll probably find yourself wanting at least one for every living area and bedroom.



Care: Please do everything you can to keep fingerprints off of this piece.  They get illuminated by the light and detract from the pristine visual appeal of the piece.  Treat the clear panel with the utmost of care to avoid scratches and marring, as all of this will be illuminated by the light.  

Please note that due to the difficult nature of this artistic media, no piece can ever be perfectly flawless, even in the beginning.  It is impossible to put these acrylic pieces through the laser etching process without them picking up very minor marks on their surface.  Fortunately, these do not usually show up or detract from the appearance of the piece.  All pieces deemed to have problematic levels of marring are rejected in the quality control process and not sold.